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India, I See Blood in Your Hands

Lyrics Akhu Chingangbam 


India, have you ever crawled down enough to smell the soil of Kashmir?
India, have you ever heard of a lady named Sharmila?
India, can you explain to me what happened in the land of Gandhi, in Gujarat?
India, what are the charges against Dr Binayak Sen?

India, I see blood in your hands
India, I see blood in your flag

India, are you waiting for the stone pelters to become suicide bombers?
India, why are your farmers so fucking suicidal?
India, why the poets in South are mourning for the Tamils killed in Sri Lanka?
India, why did you let Narendra Modi walk free preaching genocide?
India, what have you done to the villagers after Salwa Judum?

Is there a dream that we share from east to west?
Is there a song that echoes from north to south?


Find the Imphal Talkies N the Howlers on the net:



Check the cover version by Summit Attempt



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