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images of an outcast

asphalt and stones, hard and heavy, are for cities
the paddy fields, golden yellow and green and brown, for villages
and when i think about you, i see a defective condom

in the town, kalashnikovs are for abuse
army canteens for duty-free whisky
and when i think about you, i see misery

the foothills that flicker at sundown are for living quarters
the highways for robbers, those gun-slinging pigs, from kohima
and when i think about you, i see tarzan of the apes

the government and their enemies, so brazenly, are for murder
the elected representatives, so nauseously, for dungs
and when i think about you, i see 1524AD — quite a long, long time

aprils are for azure, mauve and amber skies, and white ibises
the seasons for revolution
the mountains for home
life for happiness
love for life
and now when i think about you, i see why you throw me out

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